Invitation Criteria

The Glencoe Invitational is an Invitational Golf Tournament with a limited field size of 69 maximum contestants.  Invitees are selected based on their competitive record in major events and World Amateur Ranking. Applicants from the following criteria listed below are given priority consideration:

Top 1500 on WAGR (as of January 2019)

Top 10 finishers at The 2018 Glencoe Invitational

Past Invitational Champions (previous 5 Champions: ’11, ’15, ’16, ’17, ’18 )

2018 City of Calgary Men’s Amateur Champion

Glencoe Qualifiers – maximum of four, plus the Men’s Club Champion.

Monday Qualifiers – maximum of four

Chairman’s Invite

Should you meet any of the qualifications above and have not received a personal invitation from the Committee please fill in the application form and submit your entry. Those who do not meet the criteria above are still encouraged to apply for a playing spot in The Glencoe Invitational, historically non-exempt players are issued invitations based on their competitive record. Please note you will not be asked for your entry fee until such a time as you are officially invited to play in the event.

2019 Field

Allain, Korbin
Bennett, Ethan
Bercan, Dylan
Berze, Josh
Choi, Ethan
Crawford, Logan
de Graff, Ethan
Dou, Richard
Fornaro, Dante
Horton, Chris
Hull, Tyler
Isgar, Chuck
Jacobs, Andre
Lewis, Carter
Kehoe, Conaire
Kim, Andy
Landry, Nicolas-Guy
Lutz, Jordy
MacKenzie, Carter
Mani, Shiro
Markiw, Brandon
McKenzie, Tommy
Miller, Josh
Murchison, Max
Murdoch, Jeff
Nathu, Zaahidali
Neil, Ryan
Ouellette, Jace
Quanson, Luke
Ryde, Jehremy
Saunders, Tyler
Shields-Tyler, Brodie
Sluka, Tommy
Thomson, Hunter
Veenstra, Joel
Werhun, Jack
Wood, Justin
Anderson, Matthew
Bean, Matt
Belanger, Charles-Eric
Brook, Wyatt
Callens, Peyton
Campbell, Ty
Carver, Logan
Duce, Briggs
Ewart, AJ
Fredborg, Travis
Galvon, Jesse
Giroux, Thomas
Graf, Carter
Harrison, Andrew
Harrison, Michael
Iguchi, Kai
Johnson, Kade
Kerr, Scott
Lee, Issac
Lewis, Carter
Long, Luke
MacDougall, Brendan
Mandur, Tristan
Markiw, Brandon
McDowell, Chandler
McMillan, Ryan
Menard, Olivier
Mitchell, Ryan
Murray, Chris
Nicolls, Jared
Otta, Jacob
Papineau, Etienne
Presutti, Jacob
Salazar, Michael
Saunders, Tyler
Sekulic, Max
Sihota, Bavake
Timmerman, Roman
Veenstra, Adam
Wood, Justin
Young, Logan
Zaahidali, Nathu
4 Monday Qualifiers: TBA
 4 Glencoe Qualifiers: TBA 
3 AB Golf Teammates: TBA

2018 Field


Chris Horton, Tyler Saunders, Shiro Mani, Carter Lewis


Conaire Kehoe, Zander Park, Robyn Hemminger, Tyler Chudiak